About Mom's Away Retreats

Why Mom's Away Retreats?


As a mom, our work is never done.  We give our hearts, minds, energy and souls to our children every day, 24/7.  We are the nurses, therapists, janitors, chefs, chauffeurs, personal shoppers, educators, organizers, secretaries, treasurers, house keepers, nurturers, advice givers, instructors, researchers, and so much more.  Being a mom is the greatest gift, and also the toughest job in the world!   Rarely do we ever get a lot of time to focus on ourselves any more.  We do it all selflessly because of the deep love and joy motherhood brings. 

But let’s face it. We need a break sometimes.

The all-inclusive, Mom’s Away Retreats, are designed for just that...to take a break and be pampered.  For a group of moms to get together to refresh, rejuvenate and reconnect with who we are as individuals and the women (moms) around us knowing our role of “mom” will always be there.  We deserve to be completely taken care of, the way we completely take care of our children, AND have some FREE TIME!  It can be difficult to be away from our children, both emotionally and physically, but we deserve it!  If we can take time to get back into our hearts, minds, bodies and souls, to have some fun and let loose, to shed a few tears, laugh our butts off, connect and confide in a group who "gets" you, and leave with new friends, then you will come back to your family as a BETTER mother.  More present.  More refreshed.  More balanced.  More relaxed.  With a new set of women to share this beautiful motherhood journey with.  

This is why Mom’s Away Retreats, was created.